We are Scientific EdTech

Scientific EdTech is a Swedish company that focuses on science and learning. Its first product is called “Chasing Planets“​ (Planetjakten in Swedish), and it helps primary school students learn curricular math. Chasing Planets is scientifically validated, tested in Swedish schools and based on real student & teacher feedback. In the doctoral thesis ‘Closing the Gap‘​, author and founder of the company, Martin Hassler Hallstedt, proves that the product substantially improves the results of students struggling with math.

Scientific EdTech makes learning fun, easy and effective, and its long-term goal is to help children succeed in math so that they can live better lives.

Advisory Board

Ata Ghaderi

Ata does research in Clinical Psychology, Behavioural Science, and Clinical Neuroscience. Current projects in Ghaderi lab (2018) are about prevention of eating disorders, treatment of severe self-harm, and dismantling studies of the treatment of ED.

Kalle Åström

Professor at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Lund University. His current research interests include stochastic analysis of low level vision, computer vision, handwriting-recognition and medical image analysis.

Academic Collaborations