Game Programmer

Let The Game Be the Teacher

Do you wish that math teaching would have been better designed in school when you grew up?

Do you think that game design and technology could have made math teaching more efficient and exciting compared to the old, dusty and doggy-eared math books? We do, and we find it frustrating to see that math teaching has not evolved much in the past decades. Math teaching should be fun and effective, and learning should be a memorable experience – it is the sole purpose of our product Count on me.

Part-time or full-time position in Lund, Sweden.

We are a small indie studio located in the heart of Lund, surrounded by cobblestone streets, coffee shops and a smell of fresh bagels in the morning. As a tight 10 person team, we work closely and share perspectives from our different backgrounds and cultures, bringing game design, tech, design and learning psychology to the table.



We are looking for a programmer with a 6th sense for creating good gameplay. Since this is a game for children, it is going to be full of fun and quirky surprises, both technically and figuratively speaking. We’re talking about interaction that children understand, throwing particle effects on 2D isometric planes, keeping our backend happy and up-to-date through API communication. If you have been through the ins and outs of Unity UI and have experience from dynamic layout generation, it is going to make everybody’s life easier.

As a small team, we essentially look for someone who likes the startup/indie atmosphere and appreciate the fact that we work closely and often just have to get things working – even if that requires some shapeshifting and stepping outside your field of expertise.


  • Developing the client for our upcoming math learning tool for 7-9-year old children
  • Shaping the end-user experience together with tech, design and content teams



  • Professional experience working with systems development
  • Professional experience working with C# and Unity
  • Experience of both 2D and 3D game development
  • Experience working with UI development
The position is planned to start as soon as possible.


Submit your application to Henrik Rosvall by email and we’ll get in touch soon! Apart from your CV and work experience, please make sure to tell us a little about yourself, who you are and your possible ult. In case you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.