Our product to be tested in most extensive gold-standard digital math study ever

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Together with fellow research colleagues, our CEO and chief researcher Martin recently received another grant from the Swedish Research Council (Forte) to conduct an extensive gold-standard evaluation of our digital learning tool. The study, including close to 2000 students, is done in collaboration with well-merited researchers at the psychology, health science, and education departments at Uppsala University, Stockholm University, Linnaeus University, and the Karolinska Institutet.

The research investigates two main hypotheses: the effects of our math program, and the impact of an effective stress-reduction program aimed at teachers. The researchers randomly assign school classes, including 900 first- and second-grade students and their teachers, to our math program, and another 900 students and their teachers to a stress-reduction program. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is the base of both programs because it’s the most researched and best-proven method for behaviour change and learning in the history of psychology.

Our math training and stress-reduction programs target different populations and behaviours. The goal of the math training is to see if critical math skills among students, measured by standardised tests, can be improved. The primary purpose of the stress-reduction program is to see if the exercises can decrease work-related stress among teachers. The researchers measure stress-reduction in multiple ways, e.g. reduced stress and mental illness, improved sleep quality, improved life quality, and fewer sick days.

Watch the video to learn more about our latest research results. Martin explains how our product increases math skills and decreases inequality. Did you know that our digital learning tool is especially useful for immigrant students and students from a low socioeconomic background?


Link to article by Lund University (in Swedish): https://www.lu.se/article/tv-laromedelsspel-kan-forandra-matteundervisningen